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Casual / Part Time - Tour Guide by Bicycle  

Do you ever see tourists walking around Victoria “trying to be on a nice vacation?” They often look lost or confused and unsure of where to put their time and energy. They’re always hopeful though that something will come along to make that precious time feel effortless and fun. Or maybe you’ve seen them being “herded around en masse” exhibiting serious symptoms of being uninspired? 

Being on vacation can be pretty disappointing when you’re having a mediocre experience for all the trouble it took to get here. 

And as you well know from your own travels, even when you’re away, you crave feeling oriented and welcomed and like you belong - even if it’s for a very short time. 

To meet the needs of hopeful travelers looking for a genteel adventure in our fair city of Victoria, I started Bike Tours Victoria in 2015. Bike Tours Victoria is a boutique bike tour company that specializes in small group size tours for people wanting to be engaged, entertained, oriented, and cared about during their visit. I helped make bicycle touring the number 1 tourist activity in Vancouver before this and I intend to do the same here now. 

To meet the demand for an unexpectedly busy summer, I’m looking for a part-time, casual, contracted tour guide (paid per tour + tips) to work up to 9 hours a week for groups of 2 – 8 people (most tours average 2 – 4 people). And not just anyone - someone that understands the value of a memorable experience for years to come. 

This role is perfect for someone that:

  • Enjoys being outside;
  • Has flexible schedule;
  • Requires diversity in their work (you'd be bored if you didn't have at least a couple of different jobs on the go);
  • Loves people (families, couples, corporate types, seniors, etc)
  • Finds it easy and a pleasure to be hospitable, and showing guests from around the world a nice time that suites their tastes;
  • Is seamless and comfortable with ambiguity or a change in plans based on guest preferences, weather conditions, local business hours, and anything unforeseen that is just part of the business of being alive and human;
  • Always wanted to get more comfortable on a bike;   
  • Is intuitive and ‘seems’ to go with the flow, but is incredibly mindful of time, safety, and everyone’s level of comfort;
  • Has a reputation for being an engaging, articulate human being with a background in teaching, theatre, or facilitating (or something similar); 
  • Is both fun and mature with a minimum of 5-7 years of work experience to draw from;
  • Is a “story-teller” and “connection maker” that uses information both from the guests and what the city has to offer to personalize a bike tour;
  • Possesses a strong desire to cultivate relationships with local businesses that would be of interest to visitors receiving “the inside scoop” on “what’s really good to try”;
  • Has excellent energy management skills
  • Exhibits a natural inclination to learning about any combination of the following locally based subjects: Horticulture, History, Architecture, Geography, Nature, and Food.

Apply with your resume and a cover letter demonstrating how this role is already a fit for who you are. Only suitable applicants will be contacted for an interview though I thank everyone that applies in advance.