Gratitude not Platitudes

The rain is heavy and constant this morning. It’s the kind of day that you would never want to go for a bike ride, let alone a bike tour if you were visiting Victoria. It really is the perfect day to stay in and be cozy.

And on a day like today when not even my dog wants to go for a walk, and I still have my summer tan, it dawns on me that the summer bike tour season really is over.

To warm my spirit and hopefully yours, it’s the perfect day to practice gratitude.

For me, gratitude isn’t a platitude for the sake of trying to make myself feel better on a particularly dreary day. It’s a practice. It’s a way of life to inspire me to keep doing what I do even when the weather looks like no one will ever want to bike again.

Because in this business, when you work outside, you’re very aware of how precious it is to be hospitable when the weather is working out just right.

And the consistently positive incline of business at Bike Tours Victoria in its second full season is a testament to all the people that do their part when we’re biking, visiting, researching, and exploring with guests from near and far.

Bike Tour Victoria’s guests are the city’s guests. And we feel really fortunate that we get to receive a lot of love for Victoria on everyone’s behalf. This is the gratitude I’m sharing with you today: 

For starters, we begin with the District of Saanich. You have no idea how wondrous people find the bike trail network. The thought and work and foresight that went into creating such a thoughtful system thrill visitors to Victoria every time.

And of course, the staff at Nourish and Charlotte and the Quail, are always, and I mean, always welcoming with their smiles when we arrive with groups for them to wow with their culinary art and science. The vibe there is really hospitable, and the ambiance is just so unique too, at not just one, but also both locations. The whole experience honestly warms people’s hearts.

Nadia, Elizabeth, Colin, and others at Olive The Senses clearly have a passion that comes through in every interaction. Bike tour guests walk away from them delighted by what they learn and can take home. The olive oils, flavoured vinegars, and newest addition, kombucha, leave everyone all smiles.

We’d also like to thank Eagle Wing tours because they really want to connect people with two great experiences. They are wonderful tour partners and guests tell me so. We often hear that people learned so much on a whale watching tour with them and are wowed by the effort they make to connect visitors with whales.

Jan and Michael Ross at Emily Carr House welcomed Bike Tours Victoria in the community right from the start. They’ve been really supportive of our tour practices and it’s always nice to be greeted with their kindness and their willingness to share about an iconic Canadian artist.

Bike Tours Victoria is also grateful to Cycle BC, Silk Road Tea, the Chocolate Project, Salt and Pepper Fox, the Robert Bateman Centre, The Cookie Guy, Abigail’s Hotel, the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, and the Friends of Government House. 

It amazes me to see with my own eyes how genuineness is the connective force between the people that live and work here with the people that are just visiting. These connections are not easily forgotten, and cannot be forced.

When this is the case, it is inevitable that experiences comes alive. Bike tours with us are definitely not flat, but rather lively, engaging, and amusing experiences.  In short – they’re actually fun.

The crew        Lyndsey Eden Photography

The crew       Lyndsey Eden Photography

As the owner of Bike Tours Victoria, on behalf of all of us, I thank you for a magical season and look forward to more when the days of summer make their way back to our hemisphere.

But even so, remember, that on a winter day when the rain is soft, or the sun is out and the wind decides to waft instead of bluster, look for us out on the town because someone decided to visit even though summer is a long ways away. They came to have fun.

From all of us to all of you, rest well and keep well for the winter.