Favorite Places to Visit - Bike Tours Victoria

I have so many favourite places to visit in Victoria and I try to highlight as many of them as possible on my City Bike Tours; The Discovery Tour and The Highlight Tour.

Silk Road Tea and Spa is definitely one of my favorite places to visit and highlight by bike, in Victoria BC.   Their flagship shop at 1624 Government St is beautiful, the staff are super friendly and they always have interesting tea workshops at their tea bar.  Click here for Events

For those of you new to Victoria or just visiting Silk Road Tea is an institution on Vancouver Island with people traveling from island and off island to get their teas.  100% organic teas or their thing, and new this year is a locally grown tea, which is the first tea to be grown in North America called Berry Victoria, quickly becoming one of my favourites.  

Silk Road Tea and Spa is definitely something to do and see when visiting Victoria BC.  Check out some of the fun we've had at Silk Road Tea Shop & Spa on The Discovery Tour and The Highlight Tour this summer.

My favourite Silk Road Retail location is at 1624 Government St or if you're planning on visiting the Victoria Public Market at the Hudson they have a kiosk there as well.  Refills can always be satisfied later by their online shop, check it out here!