Emily's World, Stay Connected!

As the summer tourism season winds down in Victoria, BC, so do some of it's busy attractions like the Emily Carr House National Historic site, which we visit on the Highlight and Discovery Tour.

It may be closed to the public in the winter, but it's still available for private and group events.  Bike Tours Victoria will also be stopping by on occasion to highlight Emily's life and achievements from outside the house on the winter Highlight and Discovery Tours.

If you'd like more information about Emily Carr and things going on at the house, check out Emily's World a blog from the Emily Carr House, all things Emily. 

Also personally wanted to thank Jan and Michael from the Emily Carr House, a big THANKS for your support this past year, I could not have done it without your encouragement and support!

Here are some of my fav pics of the summer tour visits to the Emily Carr House.  Oh and one of Emily's biggest fans, Lucy!


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