The Surprise at the End of the Street!

Tucked away in a heavily industrialized neighbourhood, situated on the banks of the beautiful gorge is the Point Ellice House2616 Pleasant St Victoria. Surprise!  A little oasis tucked in between what is now and what used to be. I love the contrast between what is and what was!

A very impressive historical find, the Point Ellice House is a time capsule of household Victoriana. Peter O'Reilly the first Gold Commissioner and first appointed judge of British Columbia plus large family lived at Point Ellice House, which remained in the family for over 100 years.  

I was able to have lunch at their newly opened fully liscenced cafe, O'Reilly's which serves a delicious variety of lunches, brunches and high teas served on the gorgeous grounds in the summer months and the newly renovated and beautiful barn in the fall and winter months at the Point Ellice House.  This makes a fun, beautiful and delisious place to visiting when spending some time in Victoria.

A recommended day adventure: 

If you're looking for a leisurely activity to do in Victoria, my recommend would be to take a Harbour Ferry Cruise and jump off at the Point Ellice stop, spend some time at the beautiful Point Ellice House with a guided tour and then have a local craft beer, lunch or even high tea on the grounds. Chef Mike is amazing!

Check out some photos I took.:  Delicious lunch, an amazing find of some old Kerosene Bike Lights, High Tea, The Grounds and the table Sir John A. MacDonald ate!

All Post written by Matt Oliver Tour Guide