Fall & Winter Bike Tours - We Roll in Every Season!

We're lucky to live in such a temperate part of North America with little to no snow and being the 6th sunniest city in Canada, their is plenty of time for fall or winter bike tours. If you're looking for things to do in Victoria BC this Fall and Winter and the sun is shining I offer flexible start times to The Highlight and The Discovery Tour.

Please reach out or book online a fall or winter ride which can be fun, I know all the secret routes around Victoria to make it more comfortable and enjoyable in any season!  Check our local weather for Victoria BC here - The Weather Network


Tips for Winter Bike Riding!

Bringing a few items for a winter bicycle ride is important in making your ride comfortable and fun!   

1.  Always dress in layers depending on your comfort level it's a good idea to bring an outer shell with a fleece sweater or jacket underneath. It can get cool by the ocean and then warm up as we ride through the neighbourhoods.

2.  A winter hat or as we call them in Canada a toque is important to keep you head nice and warm as we ride

3. Probably the most important are some gloves that allow you to move your fingers when applying the breaks as we ride.  Having warm fingers while riding is important but so is braking when you ride!

Keep these tips in mind will help create an amazing and fun ride around Victoria this winter!


Blog Written By Matt Oliver - Tour Guide at Bike Tours Victoria 

Blog Written By Matt Oliver - Tour Guide at Bike Tours Victoria