Best Day Ever in Victoria BC

This summer I’ve teamed with the amazing people at Eagle Wing Tours to create the ultimate way to spend a day in Victoria BC.  If your time is limited or you just like to be outdoors on vacation, Bike Tours Victoria and Eagle Wing Tours Whale & Wildlife Watching want you to enjoy them both!  Don’t Choose Do Both!  Book Now

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Festive Christmas HighTea @ Abkhazi Garden

Festive Christmas HighTea @ Abkhazi Garden

Amazing things to do in Victoria BC by Matt @ Bike Tours Victoria. One of my favourite Christmas Traditions in Victoria BC, is the delicious afternoon Festive Hightea at the Teahouse at Abkhazi Gardens. One thing you must experience in Victoria and something that is highlighted on The Discovery Tour.

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The Surprise at the End of the Street!

Tucked away in a heavily industrialized neighbourhood, situated on the banks of the beautiful gorge is the Point Ellice House2616 Pleasant St Victoria. Surprise!  A little oasis tucked in between what is now and what used to be. I love the contrast between what is and what was!

A very impressive historical find, the Point Ellice House is a time capsule of household Victoriana. Peter O'Reilly the first Gold Commissioner and first appointed judge of British Columbia plus large family lived at Point Ellice House, which remained in the family for over 100 years.  

I was able to have lunch at their newly opened fully liscenced cafe, O'Reilly's which serves a delicious variety of lunches, brunches and high teas served on the gorgeous grounds in the summer months and the newly renovated and beautiful barn in the fall and winter months at the Point Ellice House.  This makes a fun, beautiful and delisious place to visiting when spending some time in Victoria.

A recommended day adventure: 

If you're looking for a leisurely activity to do in Victoria, my recommend would be to take a Harbour Ferry Cruise and jump off at the Point Ellice stop, spend some time at the beautiful Point Ellice House with a guided tour and then have a local craft beer, lunch or even high tea on the grounds. Chef Mike is amazing!

Check out some photos I took.:  Delicious lunch, an amazing find of some old Kerosene Bike Lights, High Tea, The Grounds and the table Sir John A. MacDonald ate!

All Post written by Matt Oliver Tour Guide

Fall & Winter Bike Tours - We Roll in Every Season!

We're lucky to live in such a temperate part of North America with little to no snow and being the 6th sunniest city in Canada, their is plenty of time for fall or winter bike tours. If you're looking for things to do in Victoria BC this Fall and Winter and the sun is shining I offer flexible start times to The Highlight and The Discovery Tour.

Please reach out or book online a fall or winter ride which can be fun, I know all the secret routes around Victoria to make it more comfortable and enjoyable in any season!  Check our local weather for Victoria BC here - The Weather Network


Tips for Winter Bike Riding!

Bringing a few items for a winter bicycle ride is important in making your ride comfortable and fun!   

1.  Always dress in layers depending on your comfort level it's a good idea to bring an outer shell with a fleece sweater or jacket underneath. It can get cool by the ocean and then warm up as we ride through the neighbourhoods.

2.  A winter hat or as we call them in Canada a toque is important to keep you head nice and warm as we ride

3. Probably the most important are some gloves that allow you to move your fingers when applying the breaks as we ride.  Having warm fingers while riding is important but so is braking when you ride!

Keep these tips in mind will help create an amazing and fun ride around Victoria this winter!


Blog Written By Matt Oliver - Tour Guide at Bike Tours Victoria 

Blog Written By Matt Oliver - Tour Guide at Bike Tours Victoria 

Whale of a time in Victoria BC

Had an amazing time last week exploring one of the amazing things to do in Victoria BC with Eagle Wing Tours!  Many thanks to Brett Soberg and all the amazing staff at Eagle Wing Tours for a truly amazing afternoon on the water!

With time for a Bike Tours Victoria Highlight Tour in the morning and an amazing whale watching adventure with Eagle Wing Tours in the afternoon, I say is a recipe for a perfect day in Victoria BC!

See for yourself!  Here is what happened on my Eagle Wing Tours adventure! 

Ride into Fall - Things to do in Victoria

Things I like to do in Victoria, whether you’re walking, or doing a bicycle tour you'll soon discover if you're visiting our city that Victoria is alive with art!  A great place to see local Victorian art on a nice fall day is the Madrona Gallery @ 606 View St. It's a hive of creativity in the downtown core.

I stopped by the gallery recently while on the Integrated Arts Bike Tour and was blown away by the art on display by Morgana Wallace,  I was struck by the beauty of her work, and amazed at the amount of detail of each of her pieces, I hope others appreciate her talent as well. Check out her review in the Times Colonist -  Time Colonist Review: Morgana Wallace

I took a couple of snapshots of her work but to truly appreciate it I would recommend popping into the gallery.  Madrona Gallery 


By bicycle or by foot, the Madrona Gallery is on my list of places to visit or highlight to guest visiting Victoria.