Matt Oliver – Chief Tour Guide and Owner of Bike Tours Victoria

I’m a small town boy from rural Ontario who fell in love with the West Coast over 10 years ago, I returned to bike riding which was a childhood passion of mine. That led to introducing international and local visitors to experiences that became much-loved stories shared on facebook.   

As it turns out, I got pretty good at touring people around by bike because I was nominated for a Vancouver Tourism Award in 2014. 

Today as a unique and boutique bike tour business owner and operator, I collaborate and partner with Victoria’s sweetest people whose work is their art. I create and guide genteel adventures by bike. My favorite thing to do is surprise guests with something a little unexpected that they wouldn’t have found or thought of on their own.   

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and invite you to reserve your tour today. Please email me with any questions so that I can help you create your own unique fun! 

Matt’s Personal Story featured in the ISLANDER section of the Times Colonist; Matt Oliver

The Crew

Get to know the crew before you arrive. We asked them some hard hitting questions about what they love about living in Victoria and some other random questions.  Can't wait for you to meet our group of lovely, talented local guides.

Liam Burton 

Things we know about Liam.. 

1. Favourite place to visit by bike in Victoria?

Thetis Lake is the best.  Ride out, find a spot and go for a swim.

2. What’s your favourite restaurant in Victoria?

Has to be Part & Parcel and Nourish Kitchen & Cafe.

3.  Favourite super hero and why?

Has to be Batman, he has no magical powers just simply bad ass.

4.  What’s your favourite island vacation / staycation spot?

Taking a trip to Mystic Beach with a must stop at Shirley’s Delicious Cafe on the way. 

5.  One thing that would surprise a guest about yourself?\

I like to sing.

instagram @liambulance

Logan Simonson

1. Favourite place to visit by bike in Victoria? 

Has to be riding around the waterfront and taking in all the amazing views.

2.  One thing that would surprise a guest about  yourself?

I’m into book binding and a avid and accomplished mountain biker.

3.  What was your very first music concert?

I went to a RUSH! concert with my Dad. 

4.  What’s your favourite festival in Victoria?

Has to be Car Free Day held in June and is one of the biggest one day festival in the city.

5.  What’s your favourite island vacation or staycation spot?

Hornby island, the beaches are amazing!

Instagram :  @jin.ronin